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Australia’s Community Land Trust Legal Manual is available for public access.  Download here 
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Annual General Meeting

The MACLL AGM was held on May 6. The new Board is John Shone Chair, Karl Fitzgerald Public Officer, Delphine Laboureau-Ormancey Secretary, Tim Hurley Treasurer and Doug Falconer Immediate Past Chair.

We welcome more directors and members joining us to create Community Land Trusts in Mount Alexander Shire.

We have hit the ground running by being publicly very supportive of Mount Alexander Shire Council resolving to establish Mount Alexander Affordable Housing Trust and a $500,000 startup fund. Congratulations to everyone involved in this milestone initiative. MAAHT is an important validation and umbrella for all of us seeking affordable cooperative housing in the Shire. 

Furthermore, we have begun researching land for Community Land Trusts for Young Farmers, Tradies, Healthies, Teachers, Artisans, Creatives, Apprentices and Doctoral Students.

We will announce in September an October public meeting to share our vision and to invite people to Express an Interest for CLT campaigns we will launch. We will have an updated website by then as well.

In the meantime, please join via our website www.macll.org.au; or email info@macll.org.au

What is Mount Alexander Community Land Ltd?
MACLL is a not-for-profit Community Land Trust.  With low income earners and health care card holders in mind, the organisation was established in 2009 by residents of Mount Alexander Shire, in Central Victoria.  Its purpose is to acquire land and provide a range of secure and perpetually affordable housing, for sale or long term rental.  MACLL enjoys the support of the Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Separating the ownership of land from the ownership of the house enables low income households to purchase a home without the associated land costs.  While you own your own house, ownership of the land remains with MACLL in perpetuity.  The land component is leased with applicants signing a Ground Lease. Tenants and owners enter agreements regarding the future sale or transfer of the house so that it remains affordable for subsequent buyers or renters.  Generally, homes will be sold back to MACLL in order to provide assistance to another client.

Eligibility and selection criteria determine who will reside in MACLL housing. The idea is intended to address the housing needs of shire residents and includes the following:

dot older people & retirees
dot health care card holders and those on CentreLink payments
dot couples of all ages
dot families both small & large
dot first home buyers
dot workers on lower incomes
dot single people of all ages

Why MACLL is different?
dot we will sell a home without the land
dot both the land and homes for sale under auspice never reach the open market
dot all homes will be environmentally sound, passive solar and very energy efficient
dot we support those who want to own their own homes but cannot affors to buy in the open market

MACLL is part of a worldwide community land trust (CLT) movement that seeks to address access to and security in home ownership by creating and controlling home affordability. MACLL does this through owning, leasing and managing land.

MACLL will implement its vision by securing grant money offered by Governments, philanthropic and charitable organisations, as well as accepting donations - and investment - of money, land and houses from business and community members.